Digital Image Editing

Images talk. Images can convey information. Digital Image Editing/manipulation is a process of changing an image to make it more attractive or give a completely different view from the original one.

As a number of e-commerce sites, trends of wedding photography, product photography is increasing , so the demand of Image editing is growing globally. It is comparatively easy to learn and yield immediate results.

Course Module:

  • Introduction to PhotoShop
  • Image Retouching
  • Glamour Retouching
  • Layer Palate
  • Tools based Class
  • Background Removal with Pen Tool
  • Multi-path and Joining
  • Shadow & Reflection effect
  • Hair Masking & Channel masking
  • Advanced Color Correction in Lightroom
  • Camera Raw and Filtering
  • Web Banner Design

The course at a glance:

  • No. of interactive classes: 24
  • Course duration: 3-month
  • Class duration: 2-hour (2 Days in a Week)
  • Membership: 6-month

The course Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of Computer, internet, and online proficiency
  • Basic knowledge of English (reading/writing/speaking)

Software Taught:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom


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  • Local Market

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  • Image Editor
  • Clipping Path