Digital Image Editing

Images talk. Images can convey information. Digital Image Editing/manipulation is a process of changing an image to make it more attractive or give a completely different view from the original one.

As the number of e-commerce sites, trends of wedding photography, product photography is increasing, so the demand for Image editing is growing globally. It is comparatively easy to learn and yield immediate results.

Course At A Glance

  • No. of interactive classes: 24
  • Course duration: 3-month
  • Class duration: 2-hour (2 Days in a Week)
  • Membership: 6-month

Course requirement/s:

  • Basic Knowledge of using Computer

Software Taught:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom

Course Module

  • Introduction to PhotoShop
  • Image Retouching
  • Glamour Retouching
  • Layer Palate
  • Tools based Class
  • Background Removal with Pen Tool
  • Multi-path and Joining
  • Shadow & Reflection effect
  • Hair Masking & Channel masking
  • Advanced Color Correction in Lightroom
  • Camera Raw and Filtering
  • Web Banner Design



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  • Local Market

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  • Image Editor
  • Clipping Path